We started decentralization of network voting

As new public validators with clear profile descriptions are joining the ecosystem, we started decentralization of network voting.

Today, the genesis wallets will unvote the bottom three validators that match any of the below descriptions:

– Private/non-contributing before this announcement.

– No existing ecosystem contributions other than voluntary reward sharing, simple reward calculators, and/or spreadsheets or unmaintained/low quality websites.

– No publicized plans for short-term delivery of contributions before this announcement (current planned contributions have until October 25th to deliver). Plans for Compendia databases are not considered as short-term contributions, as the database system will not be on mainnet before October 25th.

– No community engagement before this announcement.

– Validator rank does not change significantly after unvoting.

After some time we’ll review the results, potentially adapt the unvoting strategy, and continue to decentralize the network vote.

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