Validator bindrdk is going to resign

Hello guys,

Validator bindrdk here!

I’ve decided to stop running a node for the Compendia chain.
No bad reasons, i just don’t have the time that i would want to have for it… do something good or don’t do it at all.
It was already on my mind for a while, but earlier this evening i had a good reason to ask Dean to remove the Genesis votes from my validator. I also moved my own votes to another validator, but i’m still ranked in the top 47 unfortunately.

So if you’re voting for bindrdk, please move your votes to another validator as soon as possible.
When my server falls out of the top47 i will turn it off.

Thank you very much for your votes the last months and happy voting! And good luck to the one who takes my place in the top 47. 🙂

Regards Rob

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