Switcheo Lists an ERC-20 Compendia Token, wBIND (Previously nOS Network)

New listing: wBIND/ETH market for cross-chain trading on Switcheo Exchange!

Switcheo Lists an ERC-20 Compendia Token, wBIND (Previously nOS Network)

The nOS project evolved into Compendia earlier this year. Its native token migrated from NOS, a NEP-5 token to BIND, Compendia’s native token on its very own blockchain.

The Compendia team has enabled an ERC-20 version of BIND, wBIND to be used on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, we are listing the wBIND/ETH market!

The wBIND token is now available for trading on Switcheo Exchange.

You can swap your BIND tokens to wBIND at https://compendia.org/

If you need to swap your NOS tokens to BIND, head on over to https://nos.io/  to do a swap. Here’s a step-by-step video tutorial to guide you through the swap.

*Do note that the NOS/NEO market will also be delisted simultaneously.

About Compendia

Compendia was previously introduced as nOS in 2018 as an all-in-one platform for building, publishing, and discovering crypto-powered apps. Compendia’s prominent feature is its apps store, a community-driven decentralized directory for apps.

From an app store, Compendia decided to expand its platform and build a fully decentralized network. The network’s purpose is to enable anyone to share real-time databases for any kind of information.

Compendia envision the network to be “The Wikipedia of Databases for APIs and Smart Contracts.”

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