Python True Block Weight core2_tbw by goose validator

Python True Block Weight


  1. Install pip and python3.6 or above
  2. Install pm2
npm install [email protected] -g
# or
yarn global add pm2

Clean/New Installation

# Install and sync relay server
git clone
cd ~/core2_tbw
nano core/config/config
# fill out config (see below)

Configuration & Usage

  1. After the repository has been cloned you need to open the config and change it to your liking (see Available Configuration Options)

Main values to update here are the following:

  1. Once this has been done navigate to core2_tbw folder and execute bash to get to the main menu script. Install required packages with option 1 and 2. You can then select options 37 to either run all modules of tbw or parts.

Important – pay_addresses and keep keys should match in config. DO NOT delete the reserve key as it is required. All other’s can be deleted or more added. In addition, payment is triggered to start based on when total blocks forged / interval is an integer (with no remainder).

To use custom voter shares, the following 2 options are available:

  1. Directly update the column “share” column in the voters table of your_network.db
  2. Turn on and send a POST request to the http://ip:port/updateShare endpoint. See below for example: {"address":"DKahhVFVJfqCcCmaQHuYzAVFKcWjBu5i6Z", "share":0.10}

IMPORTANT: If at any time you change you share rate you must stop tbw, update your config.json and run the following command python3 --shareChange

Python 3.6+ is required.

Available Configuration Options (TRUE BLOCK WEIGHT)


Script will start calculations only for blocks after specified start block

NETWORK = “network”

ark_mainnet or persona_mainnet or qredit_mainnet etc..)

DATABASE_USER = “dbname”

This is the postgresql database username nodeDB (usually your os username, but may be different when using docker)

DELEGATE = “delegate”

Delegate name

PUBLIC_KEY = “publicKey”

Delegate public key


The interval you want to pay voters in blocks. A setting of 211 would pay ever 211 blocks (or 422 ark)


Percentage to share with voters (0.xx format)

PASSPHRASE = “passphrase”

12 word delegate passphrase inside “”


Second 12 word delegate passphrase inside “”

VOTER_MSG = “Delegate X – True Block Weight”

ARK and ARKfork coins only – message you want in vendor field for share payments


How often you want the script to check for new blocks in seconds. Recommend low value (e.g., 30 seconds for ARK coins, high value for LISK coins)


Use this to indicate if you want to cover transaction fees (Y) or not (N)


Use this if you cap voters for how much they can earn with votes. For example 10000 will mean any wallet over 10K will only be paid based on 10K weight


Use this if you have a minimum wallet balance to be eligible for payments

FIXED = “addr1:0,addr2:0”

Fixed payout addresses – Use this for fixed deals. Amount will be spread evenly over the set interval


Enable payment to only whitelisted addresses

WHITELIST_ADDR = “addr1,addr2,addr3”

Comma seperated list of addresses to allow voter payments to

BLACKLIST = “block”

Options are block or assign. Block zero’s out blocked accounts which then distributes their earnings to voters. Assign does the same but assigns weight to a designated account.

BLACKLIST_ADDR = “addr1,addr2,addr3”

Comma seperated list of addresses to block from voter payments


If assign option is picked, this is the address those blacklisted shares go to. DO NOT SET to an account voting for said delegate. It is HIGHLY recommended this is set to the reserve address!


Minimum threshold for payment. If set to 1, any payout less than 1 ARK will be held until the next pay run and accumulated

KEEP = “reserve:0.25,your_second:0.25”

These are the percentages for delegates to keep and distribute among x accounts (Note: reserve:your_addr1 is required! all others are optional)

PAY_ADDRESSES = “reserve:your_addr1,your_second:addr2”

These are the addresses to go with the keep percentages (Note: reserve:your_addr1 is required! all others are optional)


Change to “Y” if you’d like payments to be made using Multipayments.


  • POOL_IP = “xx.xx.xx.xx” # IP of the node the pool is installed on
  • EXPLORER = “” # The address of the explorer for the coin
  • COIN = “DARK” # Coin name, DARK, ARK, QREDIT, PRSN etc
  • PROPOSAL = “https://xx.xx.xx/” # Link to delegate proposal (if any)
  • POOL_PORT = 5000 # Port for pool/webhooks
  • CUSTOM_PORT = 5004 # Custom port for using custom voter share update functionality
  • POOL_VERSION = “original” # Set the pool website version – options are “original” or “geops”

To Do

  • Add more features as necessary
  • Additional exception handling



  • updated for Typescript and changes to dynamic fee location
  • Added support for Qredit, Ripa, and Phantom Core2
  • Added back fixed deal support
  • Added new pool website option (credits to Ark Delegate Geops)


  • add function to adjust share rates if global value is changed
  • add environment check to determine max tx to submit per broadcast
  • increased tx blast spacing to prevent tx pool from being filled too quickly


  • ark core_v2 initial release
  • new custom voter share functionality


If you discover a security vulnerability within this package, please open an issue. All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.



MIT © galperins4

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