Korfanty Validator Proposal

Hello everyone! 

My delegate name is korfanty here, while others might know me under my ARK Delegate name „Yakety_yak“ and I come from Germany. I am experienced in blockchain tech and server maintenance since the early 2017s, and have been a high uptime ARK delegate since early 2020! I usually am a big fan of projects that are connecting people in their professions which is why I am very interested into securing the network of the future Wikipedia of databases for APIs, Compendia. Since my ARK Delegate runs without any major downtimes and has a productivity rate of almost 100.00% it is safe to say that I would also do a great job on the Compendia blockchain. 

I am currently doing the German episodes of the ARK Crypto Podcasts, which is why I would propose something similar to Compendia’s community. I would like to do monthly updates on Compendia’s developmental and business-related progress in a podcast similar to ARKs. I would like to do these podcasts in English to make it easier to follow your guys’ progress since not everyone is able to sit down for a while and read through change logs and longer partnership announcements. The videos of the podcast would be posted on the „Yakety-Yak“ channel that I use for the other podcast series : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOtkmaTWYgXM8q22pYDQbjg/ . 

My payout rate is at 60% since my audio engineer is taking a cut to prepare the podcasts soundwise. I am eager to help Compendia grow in size and popularity by my beforementioned contributions and I sincerely hope that the community recognizes this aswell. 

BIND-Community: Feel free to vote for Delegate korfanty if you feel that I would be of use for your community! :slight_smile:  

Yours truly,


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