ItsANameToo Validator Proposal

Delegate ItsANameToo is an experienced delegate on the ARK network and has been actively forging there for over 2 years. I’m now taking the step to actively run a node on Compendia too. The proposal for this delegate is simple; by voting for me you’ll allow me to provide useful tools for other validators and the community, while also actively maintaining a validator node. The specific sharing percentage is still being investigated and will be announced soon.

What do I contribute?

  • Currently working on an additional explorer for Compendia
  • Porting my ARK tools to work with Compendia, such as core plugins and a true blockweight payout script
  • Other Compendia projects are in the pipeline and will be revealed in due time
  • Owner of, which provides insights into the ARK delegates such as their contributions and proposals.
  • Various plugins and other tools, for which you can find more info by visiting
  • Running multiple relays to strengthen the network

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