Ghostfaceuk Validator Proposal

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Hello my name is ghostfaceuk. (Sharing 70% daily with my voters)

I have been in Crypto since 2016 and have been involved in various DPOS projects since that time.

I have ran Forging nodes on many DPOS projects during my time in Crypto and I recognise a reliable Validator is key issue for any network and always strive to keep my nodes working as much as humanly possible .

To this end I will be running nodes for Bind mainnet, 1 main node for forging and 2 relays so if there is a issue I can switch forging to one of these backups and keep the number of missed blocks to a minimum.

I will continue to support the testnet network with a forging and relay node.

All nodes are held in different Datacentres to avoid any complications if something happens to a particular datacentre

Once network rewards start I will be sharing 70% of all forging rewards with my voters.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my profile and for possibly considering to vote for me to become and remain a validator.

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