Fnoufnou Validator Proposal

Hello all! I’m running delegate *Fnoufnou* and I would appreciate your vote. Thanks to some generous voters, I’ve made it into the top 47!

My delegate proposal is different from that of most. My personal contribution will not be primarily based on tools that aid validators or voters – although I help out my fellow Dutch_Pool members in our efforts of running a trustworthy calculator. 

I’m personally committed to the actual (and ethical) application of blockchain technology for use by businesses, governments and NGO’s for the greater good, which is part of my day job in systems architecture. I’m very keen to support the Compendia initiative and community in its efforts of becoming a leading oracle platform and helping fellow developers and system admins onboard.

Good to know: I’ve been involved with DPoS based initiatives since 2017, running nodes for most platforms and helping the community with tech skills where I can.

Vote for Fnoufnou 🙂 I’m sharing 75% of forging rewards to show my appreciation to you, the voter, while covering the operational costs of hosting services (Azure VMs) and maintenance. 

Thank you 🙏🏼

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