Cryptomaniac Validator Proposal

Validator – Cryptomaniac – is looking for votes!

I understand the importance of running a stable delegate/validator node, as is maintaining high up time.  I’ve been involved in DPoS since 2016 and the Crypto space since 2012.

Contribution to Date:

– Ongoing Support of Testnet

– First contributionAwesome Compendia – Directory – Co-created a publicly curated list of awesome Compendia websites, resources, documentation, tools, software, validator & community efforts.  Created by Compendia validators bfx & cryptomaniac.

– Second contributionVoter & Staking Rewards Dilution – Co-authored with Validator BFX

– Third contribution – Staking in Compendia and how its approach differs from other (D)PoS networks  – Co-authored with Validator BFX

Future Contribution: Database Curation

Working with validator BFX we have a number of plans for curating database(s), once the functionality is available on Mainnet.  More contributions to come, watch this space.

My full proposal can be found here:  Cryptomaniac Validator Info 

Reward Share Info:

60% – paid daily

Rewards will be will be paid every 24 hrs using Goose’s TBW script, once block rewards begin at block 300,000.

The Share % will be reviewed to ensure it remains competitive/attractive to voters.

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