Cam’s Yellow Jacket Compendia Relay Node Program

Good morning all,
As I mentioned in the original proposal, I wanted to hold off on opening the relay program to delegates to give community members a chance to get into it.
That time has lapsed and I’m opening the relay program to delegates.
If you partake in the program I want you to start a new relay and not a currently running one. That’s kind of the point…. to add relays. I thought about trying to enforce this by checking peer lists etc, but it’s too easy to dupe me. So, honor system. 😅
An operator would receive 500 Bind a month for running their relay.
Application is here.

We realize we’ve fallen out of forging due to the new ‘rules’. @RayAlva and I are still discussing how we’re going to address that, but, in the meantime, if you wish to apply for when and if we begin forging again, we’d appreciate it 🙂

Lmk if you have any thoughts or comments, please tag my Telegram: @Cam_6

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