Biz_classic Validator Proposal

#1 Largest ARK validator launching on Compendia!

We’ve been an ARK validator since 2017 and over the last three years have risen to the top as the largest, most popular public ARK validator. And now, we want to support ARK-based projects like Compendia with the same energy and commitment as we bring over everything we’ve built for ARK over to Compendia.

And we mean everything

– We made the first provably fair ARK faucet

– The first truly fair payout system (True Block Weight)

– Customizable payout frequency and rates

– Compounding interest payouts

– Exchange transaction monitor

– Yearly CTF-style Easter Egg hunts and other community events

There’s a reason why over 6800 voters trust us. You won’t see us sleeping at the wheel!

We put voters first and will bring our proven track record over to Compendia.

Vote biz_classic today!

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