Bindrdk Validator Proposal

Hi there voters! 

Thank you for taking your time reading this.

i’m validator “bindrdk” from the Netherlands for the Compendia network. I’m aiming for a high payout of 90% because i’m here for the tech and to learn more about it and not so much for the possible profits.

Don’t expect a software-project from me… i’m not a developer, but i’m an infrastructure architect / manager. Expect a high payout and a stable running server. For me it’s just having fun getting along with the needed updates/upgrades, troubleshooting where needed, helping others and getting to know more about blockchain-networks in common.

So, vote for me for a nice reward. Thank you very much for your votes! 

PS: I’m also running a high-ranked (usually top 5) node for Qredit/XQR (XQRdK). Also ARK based, so i know what i’m doing, not completely new on ARK Core.

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