Arktoshi Validator Proposal


My name is Tin, from Vietnam.

I have been involved as a delegate in many DPOS projects, most notably ARK and Qredit since 2017.

If you have joined the ARK community, you probably know me as arktoshi. I am an active member and contribute to the community.

You can see a summary of what I did at (proposal & contributions).


  • Validator name: arktoshi
  • Sharing Percentage: 50% (thanks to Goose’s TBW script)
  • Payout Interval: Daily
  • Minimum Payout Amount: 0.01 BIND


  • Maintain multiple Compendia nodes: 1 Mainnet forgers, 4 Mainnet relay nodes.
  • Build and maintain Compendia Directory website ( (with help from Trinity validator)
  • Tweet/Retweet Compendia news every day. Twitter account @arktoshidotcom has ~ 200 followers (most of them loves ARK, and now they will love Compendia)
  • Create and manage Telegram channel: ArkEcosystem Vietnam ($ARK, $BIND, $XQR). (with help from Trinity validator)
  • Buy, buy and buy $BIND and don’t sell. (ofc I dont vote for myself).

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