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I’m an experienced delegate (validator) on various Delegated Proof of Stake projects including ARK, Lisk and Qredit. My main focus is security, and I look for bugs and attack vectors in the blockchain codebase so they can be fixed before the bad guys find and exploit them. You can read about some of my discoveries by checking out the official ARK Core security vulnerability disclosures repository. Keep in mind that Compendia is powered by ARK Core so all of these have directly contributed to improving the security of Compendia.

TL;DR: I help to keep your BIND tokens safe 😊

Aside from that, I have also developed various plugins, which are all compatible with Compendia:

Core Chameleon – which ships with Compendia – protects our validators from outside attacks by closing ports, hides the IP address of their nodes by routing all traffic via Tor and enables the full and complete operation of a relay or forging node when running behind a firewall.

Productivity Statistics – generates real-time statistics about the number of missed rounds and slots for each validator, along with a productivity score, so users can gauge how reliable each validator is and whether they’re doing a good job.

Round Monitor – adds extra details to your logs so you can see the time when your validator is due to forge and whether you forged successfully. It also includes its own local HTTP server which you can use to automatically trigger a safe restart of your node which will only run when there is sufficient time to complete successfully to ensure you do not miss a block by restarting at the wrong time. Useful when applying Core updates!

Universal Delegate Monitor – available inside the Plugin Manager within the ARK Desktop Wallet and graphically presents the health of active validators along with their estimated forging times. You can also monitor specific validators of your choice to check their statuses and forging times at a glance.

Universal Delegate Monitor Server – the backend server which broadcasts validator statistics over the WebSocket protocol which can be viewed using the Universal Delegate Monitor within the ARK Desktop Wallet.

If you like what I do, please consider voting for tortoise_emperor. Your votes help to make it all possible!

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